Jacinda acknowledges the cleaners of New Zealand

The hard working cleaners of New Zealand were acknowledged today by Jacinda Ardern at her 1pm briefing......


“Some businesses are preparing for the return to workplaces that they need to return to, they will be using these next few days to prepare that includes premises being cleaned in preparation as well. 


So today my thanks and appreciation goes to our cleaners, and not before time, I’ve had many outlining their essential work during lockdown level 4.  Such as from another essential business, a meat processor, crediting their cleaners as a core part of their success in continuing to move products around the country for New Zealanders.


From our courts who say their cleaning staff are the first line of defence at keeping our courts safe, often working extra shifts at all times of the day and night. And even Rose, a Cleaner at Otahuhu Police station who currently works 13-hour days, these are our essential workers and I hope we continue to recognise them as that long after this pandemic has passed. Thank you for keeping us safe”.