Code of Practice

All BSCNZ members commit to the strict Code of Practice

The BSCNZ Code of Practice means that all BSCNZ members are committed to upholding consistently high standards in all of the following areas;

 Quality Service

  • Maintaining a standard of service to meet customers specifications and expectations.
  • Providing the correct equipment and materials to meet the contract requirements.

 Health and Safety

  • Ensuring all equipment is maintained in safe working order
  • Maintaining safe and healthy work places for customers and employees

Legal Requirements

  • Complying with all legislation pertaining to operating within the industry
  • Keeping proper accounting records and conducting affairs in accordance with the accepted industry best practice and current New Zealand legislation. 


  • Providing suitable Public Liability Insurance in order to protect the customers' property.

 Dispute Resolution

  • Agree to BSCNZ facilitating in the dispute resolution process in the event of a request to do so by a BSCNZ member or client.

 Employment Conditions

  • Signatories to the Multi Employer Collective Agreement (MECA) would automatically be required to comply with the terms and conditions of that agreement by offering to employ all staff on no less favourable wages and conditions.
  • Non signatories to the MECA will be required to employ staff on agreements with no less favourable wages and conditions than those stipulated in the MECA


  • Taking positive action to protect the environment by using environmentally safe products
  •  Focusing on lowering emissions and reducing waste
  • Sourcing from industry suppliers that uphold the BSCNZ environmental goals, plus comply with all relevant employment standards and health and safety practices