Code of Practice

All BSCNZ members commit to this Code of Practice. This benefits building owners and members. Building owners know BSCNZ members meet minimum criteria before being accepted as members. BSCNZ members know they have an edge over competitors who aren't members.

Our Code of Practice

1. Quality service

a. Members undertake to maintain a standard of quality service to meet customers' specifications and expectations.
b. Provide the correct equipment and materials to meet the contract requirements.

2. Health and safety

a. Ensure all equipment is maintained in safe working condition. 
b. Maintain safe and healthy workplaces for customers and company workers. 
c. Take positive action to protect the environment by only using environmentally safe chemicals and ensuring the safe disposal of all chemical waste.

3. Legal requirements

a. Comply with all legislation pertaining to the operation of the industry. 
b. Keep proper account books and conducting affairs in accordance with accepted business practice.

4. Insurance

a. Provide suitable Public Liability Insurance in order to protect customers' property.

5. Dispute Resolution

a. Participate in a dispute resolution process in the event of a request to do so by the BSCNZ or a client.

6. Employment Conditions

a. Signatories to the Multi Employer Collective Document are automatically be required to comply with the Terms and Conditions of that Document. 
b. All members are asked to sign off on the Code of Practice each year.