COVID-19 Training Module


COVID-19 is a devastating virus that has caused havoc worldwide.

In the light of the current global COVID -19 pandemic Careerforce in conjunction with BSCNZ have developed an online training module to educate individuals on the basics of this respiratory virus and to reinforce best practice for Commercial Cleaners to effectively eradiate COVID19. 

This resource is available for those wanting to upskill their Commercial Cleaning knowledge.  It will take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete.  There are several quiz questions at the completion of this training module, you can answer these questions multiple times. 

Once completed take an image of the screen showing your final score and email it through to along with your contact details, so we can organise your certificate.

 If you have no work experience in the Commercial Cleaning industry but are looking to join us, then this training module is a great place to start! 

 The Commercial Cleaning industry has many job opportunities throughout New Zealand.  Please contact us on 0800 253 264 to find out more!

 Click here to commence your training

A special thanks to the following BSCNZ members for their contribution to this training module

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